Gath'Ilzogg is a level 26 elite named orc, and Warlord of the Blackrock Clan.

Gath'Ilzogg made alliance with human warlock Morganth. Fueled by Morganth's evil magic, the Blackrock orcs attacked Stonewatch Keep in Redridge. They fought with horrific savagery and captured the Keep. Shortly after their victory, Morganth turned on his orcish cohorts. He built a small army of Shadowhide gnolls led by Lieutenant Fangore. Both orc and man have fallen victim to the brutes that serve Morganth.

It is known that Gath'Ilzogg also led raids against the township of Lakeshire. He is reportedly holed up in the recently conquered keep plotting the Blackrock clan's further crimes against humanity. Magistrate Solomon thinks he is extremely dangerous and has put a reward upon Gath'Ilzogg's head.

At his side is the black dragon whelp Singe, who may be a present from Victor Nefarius for the successful attack on Stonewatch Keep.

Gath'Ilzogg's axe was made by Martek the Exiled, although, he is wearing a sword in-game.



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