Gann Stonespire is a level 23 quest giver located on the Southern Gold Road between the exit to Bael Modan and the exit to Dustwallow Marsh, in the Horde-aligned territory of the Barrens. His tribe was driven out of their village by the dwarves of what is now Bael Modan when they started digging for artifacts next to their village. Many of his tribe were also killed by the dwarves when the land was taken by the force led by Prospector Khazgorm of the Explorers' League.

He starts the following quests:


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Gann having already lost his tribe, was infuriated about the slaughtering of Camp Taurajo, decided to go on his own and leave the Horde to fully fight against the Alliance. However he was heavily wounded by the Bael'modan army. With the assistance of the player and a goblin called Weezil Slipshadow, Gann's plans led to the destruction of Bael'dun fortress. After the player delivered the news of the death of the Dwarves who had stolen Gann's tribe, friends, family, and both his homes, the tauren could now die happy knowing they had been avenged. [1] [2]

Afterwards adventurers must deliver the grim news to one of his tribemen, Alto Stonespire in Brackenwall Village.

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He, Auld Stonespire, and Alto Stonespire are the last few known surviving members of their tribe.

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