Gammerita is a level 48 named female turtle that can be found patrolling the coastline of the Hinterlands. Though she is actually smaller than the other turtles in the area.

Daryn Lightwind wants a Snapshot of Gammerita.

Katoom the Angler lost his best lure to Gammerita, and also mentions that she is the leader of the Snapjaws on that coast.

Objective Of


Pointer skin on 32x32 Skinnable rewards


She can be found between The Overlook Cliffs and Revantusk Village, with the spawnpoint at the tip of The Overlook Cliffs (waters edge), taking 2 minutes to respawn after being killed (and disappearing/being skinned).


  • Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter She is tamable as a hunter pet. (Tamed her at 1:25pm EST on Kirin Tor 02/16/09)
  • Gammerita may be named after the film turtle-monster Gamera.

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