Galleon[70.9, 65.5]
is a rare world boss located at the Rumbling Terrace in the Valley of the Four Winds. A number of saurok ride atop his back, firing cannons very close to the Silken Fields. They periodically dismount the giant mushan to engage those foolhardy enough to take them on, under the command of Chief Salyis.


Ability searingarrow  [Fire Shot]ω ϖ—Saurok Skirmishers riding on Galleon's back fire flaming crossbow bolts at random players, inflicting 15000 Fire damage.
Ability warstomp  [Stomp]ω ϖ—Galleon stomps the ground, inflicting 92500 to 107500 Physical damage to players within 100 yards and knocking them down for 3 sec.
Ability vehicle siegeenginecannon  [Cannon Barrage]ω ϖ—Chief Salyis orders his minions to fire off eight powerful cannon blasts. Each blast inflicts 600000 Fire damage to players within 10 yards and knocks them back.
Inv weapon halberd 12  [Impaling Pull]ω ϖ—The Warmonger uses an Impaling Pull to bring a distant target towards them and inflict 13875 to 16125 Physical damage. Used by Salyis Warmongers.

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