The Gadgetzan Waterworks Company[1] (a.k.a Gadgetzan Waterworks Co., GWC[1] or Gadgetzan Water Co.[2]) are a subgroup of the Gadgetzan goblins and responsible for building wells across the desert to farm fresh water. Members can be found in Gadgetzan and Steamwheedle Port. The Water Co. Security is their security service.

Gadgetzan Water Co. NPCsEdit

Combat with the WastewandersEdit

As they're fighting the Wastewander nomades, which occupy their wells, the Company rewards Adventurers for killing Wastewander members, especially Caliph Scorpidsting. They give three official reasons for combating them:

  • Murdering Gadgetzan Water Co. employees
  • Stealing Gadgetzan Water Co. resources
  • Seizing Gadgetzan Water Co. property


The Gadgetzan Waterworks Company gives the following quests:

The last one rewards Inv crate 04 [Gadgetzan Water Co. Care Package].


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