The Gadgetzan Times is a web publication by Blizzard but is portrayed as an in-universe newspaper published by Sparkle Entertainment Lightning & Fireworks. Typoe Crunchmode is the editor-in-chief of the Gadgetzan Times. Sparkle Steamburst is the president of Sparkle Entertainment Lightning & Fireworks. It has recently changed to a fanfic medium, accepting applications on stories and the like.

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Auntie Fizzle Goblin WoW

Auntie Fizzle

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  • For further information, contact Jolta Candleflash via the normal mailing services.[1]
  • Price: Outland 2Silver Duskwood 1Copper Tanaris 3Copper Badlands 4Copper Swamp of Sorrows 3Copper Winterspring 1Copper

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