G'Hanir was the Mother Tree and the domain of the demigoddess Aviana. It was not in the mortal world, but was tied to it in a fashion similar to the Emerald Dream. It was described as the tallest tree atop the tallest peak, with its fruit containing the seeds of all Azerothian trees. It served as an afterlife for all winged creatures of Azeroth, who could be seen flying amongst its many branches.

G'Hanir apparently died during the War of the Ancients when Aviana was (presumed or almost) killed by demons.[1] (Sund 358) Other sources claim Aviana survived through the War of the Ancients.[2] (S&L 73-74) Whether she was never slain or regenerated later is unknown, but it is unclear what this would mean for G'Hanir.

Alexstrasza held an acorn from G'Hanir from which the original World Tree Nordrassil grew. G'Hanir was not mentioned elsewhere in lore again until the Legion-Logo-Small World of Warcraft: Legion expansion.

In Legion

Legion-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

A (presumably small) branch of G'Hanir is granted to restoration IconSmall Druid druids as an Artifact Weapon, Inv staff 2h artifactnordrassil d 01 [G'Hanir, the Mother Tree].


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