Fury of the Nether is a mail rare crafted set from the Burning Crusade. It is crafted by Leatherworking.


All items are crafted via Leatherworking

ItemCrafting Materials
[Netherfury Belt]4x Heavy Knothide Leather, 8x Crystal Infused Leather, 3x Primal Water, 3x Primal Mana, 2x Rune Thread
[Netherfury Boots]6x Heavy Knothide Leather, 10x Crystal Infused Leather, 4x Primal Water, 4x Primal Mana, 2x Rune Thread
[Netherfury Leggings]8x Heavy Knothide Leather, 12x Crystal Infused Leather, 5x Primal Water, 5x Primal Mana, 2x Rune Thread


Fury of the Nether
Inv belt 15
Inv boots chain 06
Inv pants plate 12

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