Looking down from the Furnace.

The Furnace[34, 66]
is a typically inaccessible region within the northwest of the Molten Front. Flames cover the path leading into it, offering a quick death to the foolish. Only during and after the quest Into the Fire can players safely pass into its borders. The area serves as an offensive front for the Druids of the Talon, led by Skylord Omnuron, from where they can descend into the Molten Flow or send willing adventurers to Fireplume Peak[23, 40]


The majority of NPCs can be found on the northern ridge[35, 56]
overlooking Fireplume Peak.
Added after Need... Water... Badly...
Added after Well Armed


  • The "added" NPCs presence is not only dependent on what phase the player is on, but also what daily is offered from those quest givers on a given day.

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