Fur Linings are augments that were added in Wrath of the Lich King. These are made by leatherworkers and can only be put on bracers for a stats bonus.

Each type of Fur Lining requires a Leatherworking skill of 400 and requires 1 [Arctic Fur]. The resulting bracer enchant is self-only and equivalent to other enchants provided by other tradeskills. It also provides more stats than any enchant players can currently acquire.

Fur LiningsEdit

Name Stats Recipe source
Resistance Fur Linings
Fur Lining - Arcane Resist 70 Arcane resistance BoP drop (Icecrown - Cult Researcher, Frostbrood Spawn)
Fur Lining - Fire Resist 70 Fire resistance BoP drop (Icecrown - Skeletal Runesmith)
Fur Lining - Frost Resist 70 Frost resistance BoP drop (Icecrown - Damned Apothecary)
Fur Lining - Nature Resist 70 Nature resistance BoP drop (Icecrown - Cult Alchemist)
Fur Lining - Shadow Resist 70 Shadow resistance BoP drop (Icecrown - Cultist Shard Watcher)
Other Fur Linings
Fur Lining - Attack Power 130 attack power Trainer
Fur Lining - Spell Power 76 spell power Trainer
Fur Lining - Stamina 102 Stamina Trainer
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