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Fungal horrors are bog beasts gone bad. They are enormous fungal masses composed of unyielding vegetable matter held together by dirt and foul tempers. This creature resembles an enormous, animated mound of fungus, filth and other detritus. White-spotted toadstools protrude from its mass. Four thick tentacles sway in the air as the creature lurches forward.

Fungal horrors make their lairs in dank, fungus-infested environs in Outland, posing a threat to all who enter their domains. They are often found in temperate marshes or underground. Though their tactics are straightforward and predictable, they can absorb a frightening amount of punishment before dropping. Fungal horrors do not speak.

Fungal horrors lurk wherever they can - under giant toadstools, in standing water, or behind whatever else is in their territory. A fungal horror prefers to attack from hiding, emitting a gurgling roar as it bears down on intruders. They pound and grab with their mighty tendrils until opposition is squished to a fine paste. Dimly intelligent, they grab and hurl objects - any objects - at foes that remain out of reach. Fungal horrors are fiercely territorial and attack any non-plants that enter their realms.[1]


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