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These are all the rare mobs found in Frostfire Ridge. Mob locations can be found on the provided map; below the map is a table showing any associated notes, such as pathing area.

A master list of all rare mobs can be found at rare mobs by zone.

Rare mob map


Rare mob notes

Notes: Only loot with equal to or higher than 50% drop rate is included. Many have a chance to drop Garrison Resources. Those that are part of a Vignette drop Apexis Crystal and Primal Spirit.
Rare mob React Drops Notes
Ak'ox the Slaughterer
[88.6, 57.2]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Borrok the Devourer
[62.6, 42.2]
Alliance Horde Carapace Shield of the Devourer Elite
Do not kill to acquire loot
He sends out waves of ogres that, once killed, can be fed to him
Feed him the ogres from the platform, 10 in total, and he will spit out the Devourer's Gutstone
The Gutstone is where the loot originates
[27.6, 50]
Alliance Horde Stolen Breath
Broodmother Reeg'ak
[66.6, 31.6]
Alliance Horde Corrosive Tongue of Reeg'ak Cave entrance[64, 32.6]

Ignore adds and burn down
Canyon Icemother
[33.8, 23]
Alliance Horde Icemother Milk Elite
Spawned adds stun, so either burn them down quickly or have a way to mitigate
[41.2, 68.2]
Alliance Horde Bat-Leather Breeches Will not appear until player's Garrison has been established
Cave entrance[40.8, 67.6]

Can have phasing issues, so range pull
[40.6, 47.2]
Alliance Horde Cindermaw's Blazing Talon Elite
Has a knockback and burrow abilities
Coldstomp the Griever
[26.6, 55.6]
Alliance Horde Coldstomp's Sorrow
[54.4, 69.6]
Alliance Horde Cold Tusk Paths within the Trench
Cyclonic Fury
[67, 77]
Alliance Horde Windburnt Pauldrons Paths with adds
If he isn't present, but adds are, clear the adds
Earthshaker Holar
[82.2, 46.6]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Firefury Giant
[71.4, 46.8]
Alliance Horde Smoldering Lavacore Orb Elite
Black lava will also damage players
Click on the Firefury Stone to summon
Giant-Slayer Kul
[54.8, 22.6]
Alliance Horde Giantstalker's Guile
Gibblette the Cowardly
[66.6, 25.4]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Interrupt its Dig ability at about half-cast to keep it from fleeing
Path[69.3, 24]
to the cave[66.97, 25.09]
Gorg'ak the Lava Guzzler
[71, 27.4]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Clear mobs in the area, as his ability pulls them in
[38, 14]
Alliance Horde Vignette
[23, 65.6]

[58.6, 19.2]

[52.6, 50.6]

[65, 53.2]

[63.6, 80]
Alliance Horde Great Greytusk Elite
Grutush the Pillager
[38.6, 63]
Alliance Horde Grutush's Fur-Padded Pantaloons Cave entrance[38.19, 63.54]
[50.4, 52.7]
Alliance Horde Gruuk's Evil Eye
[47, 55.2]
Alliance Horde Skog's Drape Cave entrance[46, 57]
[68, 19.8]
Alliance Horde Vignette
The Howling Icefuries will fight it if it is kited to them
Huntmaster Kuang
[57, 39.6]
Alliance Horde Paths all the way up to the north[58.6, 32.2]

Part of a pack of other "rares"
[48.8, 24.4]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Jaluk the Pacifist
[85, 52.2]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Does not drop Primal Spirit
When he activates Faultless Defiance, find a way to remove it quickly
Kaga the Ironbender
[86.8, 46.6]
Alliance Horde Vignette
[42.6, 21.6]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Killing the Lava Slimes in the area grants Lava Slimed
Mother of Goren
[72.6, 22.6]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Can be very buggy; try kiting her away from spawn point to avoid reset
Ogom the Mangler
[86, 48]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Paths in the area
Pale Fishmonger
[28.2, 66.6]
Alliance Horde Cave entrance[27, 65]
Primalist Mur'og
[37, 33.6]
Alliance Horde Ritual Leggings of Mur'og Ramp[33.9, 29.7]
leading up to cave
Ragore Driftstalker
[86.8, 49]
Alliance Horde Cave entrance[87, 49]
Scout Goreseeker
[76.4, 63.4]
Alliance Horde Goreseeker's Goresplattered Garb
Slogtusk the Corpse-Eater
[44.6, 15.2]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Cave entrance[45.7, 14.2]
Son of Goramal
[38, 16]
Alliance Horde Vignette
The Beater
[26.8, 31.6]
Alliance Horde Beater's Beat Stick Cave entrance[27, 30]
is hard to see
The Bone Crawler
[72.2, 33]
Alliance Horde Vignette
[43.6, 8.8]
Alliance Horde Vignette
Interrupt his Consume Life at every opportunity
Ug'lok the Frozen
[40.2, 12.2]
Alliance Horde Vignette
[71, 29]
Alliance Horde Elite
Hits very hard
Vrok the Ancient
[70.6, 39]
Alliance Horde Elite
Has a knockback and a knock-up
Yaga the Scarred
[40.6, 27.8]
Alliance Horde Yaga's Trophy Belt Path start[41, 29]
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