Frost wolf

Frost wolves are a species of wolves found on both Azeroth[1] and Outland.[2] The creature looks like a wolf of tremendous proportions, with a whitish pelt and eyes that glow pale blue.

Warlords of DraenorEdit



Only the hardiest can survive the unforgiving climate of Frostfire Ridge. Numbering among the natives are the sturdy frostwolves. The Frostwolf orc clan has taken these beasts as their symbol and namesake, and the orcs and their wolf companions fight and hunt together as an extended pack family.

Explorers in Frostfire Ridge should be wary of the frostwolf’s undomesticated cousin, the dangerous garn. These enormous beasts, twice the mass of an Azerothian bear, are identified by their massive jaws and jet-black fur. Even the Frostwolf orcs fear the unruly and wild garn.


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