This article is about the dungeon. For the uninstanced Freehold and its lore, see Freehold.

Freehold is an upcoming dungeon in Battle for Azeroth. It is located in the southernmost point of Tiragarde Sound.

Adventure GuideEdit

Freehold has traditionally served as a haven for pirates, scoundrels, and those who wish to live free of Kul Tiran control. Now the Irontide Raiders have brought the city under their harsh rule and are coercing the various pirate crews under their banner. While the pirates gather, a small group of heroes must infiltrate the town and eliminate their leadership to dissolve this growing alliance of cutthroats.

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Unnamed zone
Unnamed zone
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Boss Item Type
IconSmall Orc MaleSkycap'n Kragg Kragg's Rigging Scalers Feet
Parrotfeather Cloak Back
Sharkbait Harness Girdle Waist
Silk Cuffs of the Skcap'n Wrist
IconSmall Vulpera FemaleIconSmall Human MaleIconSmall KulTiran MaleCouncil o' Captains Silver-Trimmed Breeches Legs
Sailcloth Waistband Waist
IconSmall PigIconSmall TortollanIconSmall Ogre2 MaleRing of Booty Bite-Resistant Chain Gloves Hands
Jeweled Sharksplitter Two-Hand
Sea Dog's Cuffs Wrist
Sharkhide Grips Hands
Shell-Kickers Feet
IconSmall SweeteHarlan Sweete Bloody Tideturner One-Hand
Gaping Maw Shoulderguard Shoulder
Gold-Tasseled Epaulets Shoulder
Smartly Plumed Cap Head
Sea-Brawler's Greathelm Head
Irontide Captain's Hat Head
Sharkbait's Favorite Crackers Mount


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