Freedom for All Creatures is an Alliance-only quest chain in which players rescue and eventually hatch a [Sprite Darter Egg]. This has caused no end of jealousy from Horde players who want the pet, as the egg is Bind on Pickup. However, as of patch 3.1, Horde players can slay Sprite Darters in Feralas to receive this pet.

This chain has a round-about way of offering quests, which is the reason many people do not complete it. For example, one quest ends at Tyrande in Darnassus but the next starts back in Feralas. However the quests themselves are not high in difficulty, so with this guide an Alliance player can easily acquire their Sprite Darter Hatchling.

Protecting the sprite darters

Grimtotem Compound

The two night elves are on the ridge overlooking the compound.

In wild Feralas, the Grimtotem tauren are wreaking havoc on the local sprite darter population. Kindal and Jer'kai Moonweaver, two night elves from Darnassus, are the only ones trying to protect these rare and extraordinary creatures. Unfortunately, the job is turning out to be too large for just the two of them.

Alliance 15 [47] Freedom for All Creatures

Kindal Moonweaver needs help. The Grimtotems have captured a large number of sprite darters and are holding them captive in the Grimtotem Compound, below the ridge where Kindal and Jer'kai stand watch. Kindal wants to set the creatures free, and even has the key to the cage, but she needs help to do it. That's where you come in. Kindal needs you to protect her and the sprite darters while they escape.

Alliance 15 [47] Doling Justice

Now that the sprite darters have been freed, Jer'kai Moonweaver wants you to make sure they are not captured again. To that end, the night elf solemnly asks you to as much damage to the tauren of the Grimtotem Compound as possible, while she and Kindal do the same.


Tyrande Whisperwind

Alliance 15 [47] Doling Justice

Jer'kai is so impressed with your deeds that she gives you her signet ring and sends you to report to Tyrande in Darnassus. Tyrande, hearing the report, praises your deeds and rewards you handsomely, giving you a choice between a pair of [Firwillow Wristbands] or a [Nightscale Girdle].

The orphan egg

Having delivered the message to Tyrande, your mission is complete. However, whether due to curiosity or concern, you decide to check back in on Kindal and Jer'kai in Feralas - perhaps they have further need of your aid.

Alliance 15 [47] An Orphan Looking For a Home

It turns out Kindal and Jer'kai have managed to save a clutch of sprite darter eggs, though the mother died. In recognition of your service to these creatures, Kindal gifts you with one of the eggs, instructing you to seek out a kaldorei named Quentin at the Mirage Raceway in Thousand Needles.

Alliance 15 [47] A Short Incubation

Quentin needs some [Elixirs of Fortitude] to check the health of the egg. Alchemists craft these elixirs, so you manage to get some without too much trouble. Using the elixirs, Quentin discovers that the egg is fragile but healthy, and will soon hatch. However, it will need special care, care which he is unable to provide.

Agnar Beastamer

Agnar Beastamer

Alliance 15 [47] The Newest Member of the Family

You must hurry to bring the fragile egg to Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands, where the dwarf Agnar Beastamer, in the basement of Wildhammer Keep, can be of further assistance. Quentin knows this dwarf is wise in the ways of animals, and will be able to guide you in the final steps of the incubation.

Alliance 15 [47] Food for Baby

After racing against the clock to reach Aerie Peak before it is too late, you at last speak with Agnar. The dwarf indeed knows just what the new baby will need - food, and lots of it! He sends you out to collect meat from the Silvermane Stalkers who prowl the eastern Hinterlands. The wolves are dangerous and crafty, but you manage to collect enough, rushing back to Aerie Peak laden with wolf flanks. And just in time - it appears the egg is about to hatch!

Alliance 15 [48] Becoming a Parent

The tiny sprite darter emerges from its egg, and you and Agnar quickly provide it with the food it needs. The creature seems to instantly take a liking to you - once it is able to fly, it begins following close behind you. Agnar tells you to keep the egg as a symbol of the relationship: you can always use it to call or send away the little Darter.


Sprite Darter Hatchling

The baby sprite darter will follow you as long as you possess its egg.

If the player follows the entire quest chain from beginning to end, he or she will receive:

Inv egg 02
  • One of the following:
Inv bracer 12 [Firwillow Wristbands]
Inv belt 33 [Nightscale Girdle]


If planning to do the quests all at once, it would be pertinent to get the 2 [Elixir of Fortitude] needed for Alliance 15 [47] A Short Incubation ahead of time. These can be crafted by alchemists, and can sometimes be found in the Auction House.


  1. Alliance 15 [47] Freedom for All Creatures
  2. Alliance 15 [47] Doling Justice
  3. Alliance 15 [47] Doling Justice
  4. Alliance 15 [47] An Orphan Looking For a Home
  5. Alliance 15 [47] A Short Incubation
  6. Alliance 15 [47] The Newest Member of the Family
  7. Alliance 15 [47] Food for Baby
  8. Alliance 15 [48] Becoming a Parent
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