The Foulwealds are a tribe of hostile corrupted furbolgs who reside in Ashenvale and are viewed as a possible threat by the Horde.

Karang Amakkar at Zoram'Gar Outpost feels that a show of force at their home, Greenpaw Village, can remove the threat. Members of the Horde can take on the Foulweald and their leader, Chief Murgut, in the quest King of the Foulweald.

Foulweald Tribesmen Edit

Greenpaw tribe Edit

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For some reason, their village is named Greenpaw Village. It may have belonged to a "Greenpaw tribe", but currently there is only one NPC, Greenpaw, connected to that name and he is located in Teldrassil. He may have been the lone survivor of his tribe when it was attacked by the Foulweald tribe or he was not home at the time. Either way, his new home is also under attack by corrupted furbolgs, the Gnarlpine tribe.