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  • Fossil Archaeology Fragment

Fossil Archaeology Fragments are found with the [Survey] sub-skill of Archaeology.

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Some of the best zones to find them are in Desolace and Un'Goro Crater of Kalimdor.

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Name Fragments Type
Black Trilobite 31 Common
Strange Velvet Worm 35 Common
Shard of Petrified Wood 30 Common
Beautiful Preserved Fern Common
Imprint of a Kraken Tentacle Common
Insect in Amber 30 Common
Twisted Ammonite Shell 35 Common
Vicious Ancient Fish 35 Common
Feathered Raptor Arm 33 Common
Devilsaur Tooth Common
Proto-Drake Skeleton 45 Common
Ancient Shark Jaws 35 Common
Fossilized Hatchling 75 Rare
Fossilized Raptor 100 Rare
Ancient Amber 100 Rare
Pterrordax Hatchling 120 Rare

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