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Welcome to the WoWWiki technical forum!

This forum is for discussion of templates, complex formatting, extensions and server issues. See also WoWWiki:Upgrades.


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Stickied threads
How do I create my own signature?18:19, June 27, 2015RainingPain17
How do you make special characters?18:44, April 8, 2013ColdReactive
Welcome to the forums!21:25, December 9, 2010Fandyllic
Village Pump archives15:34, July 30, 2009Kirkburn
All threads
BuffButton Single Move19:04, November 30, 2015Fandyllic
Custom emote + action?18:43, November 30, 2015Fandyllic
Mythic Item ID11:56, November 30, 201587.104.150.135
How to change background and ink color (theme)?00:40, October 17, 2015Fandyllic
Talk Pages and Forums23:34, August 27, 2015Fandyllic
Domain update18:22, May 27, 2015Fandyllic
Dynamic navigation JS update07:30, December 22, 2013Celess22
Embed template00:23, November 26, 2013Celess22
Invalid tag extension name: onlyinclude19:01, October 7, 2013Celess22
Trying to add a site to the Fansites but it gets filtered02:37, September 25, 2013Fandyllic
Auction house?17:38, August 6, 2013Tankingmage
Trying to post video but it gets filtered07:37, June 18, 2013WikiaBot
Firefox Image Bug19:14, February 20, 2013Macrophager
AddOns, APIs, Macros, UI, and XML01:12, August 12, 2012Celess22
Favourite article17:35, July 3, 2012Fandyllic
Help with editing addon Lua files12:55, June 16, 2012Jfox316
Weekly Update email18:33, April 30, 2012Fandyllic blocked by filter18:02, March 20, 2012Fandyllic
Help on Graphic card picking15:04, February 20, 2012Servian
Editing patch mirrors triggers filter00:16, February 7, 2012Trogau
Help on manual patching00:40, February 2, 2012Fandyllic
Looking for help20:38, August 5, 2011Fandyllic
Could someone edit a page since I'm not sure how/what to do02:37, July 16, 2011Fandyllic
Other Links Blocked?17:00, June 11, 2011Rakalyn
Can't edit Programs for Macro Wiki23:45, April 25, 2011Mawhite1983
New polls feature update12:40, March 24, 2011Kirkburn
Image issues03:03, February 16, 2011Fandyllic
Please add my external source20:22, February 9, 2011Bandoolero
Feedback on MediaWiki 1.16.1 upgrade00:42, February 5, 2011Fandyllic
Reporting Vandalism20:58, January 19, 2011Raylan13
Installation help07:56, January 14, 2011Ren44
Neptulon16:38, January 5, 2011Fandyllic
Issue with tooltip00:59, December 28, 2010Fandyllic
Need help in creating Tool Tips for updated Northrend Gems by Stats page17:03, December 19, 2010Fandyllic
Not able to edit Page: Tradeskill leveling table23:32, November 20, 2010Fandyllic
Guild Roster LUA Functions changed?18:01, November 1, 2010Mates1500
Bag window acting wierd00:34, October 27, 2010Deadlykris
Tooltips Don't Show Anymore22:53, October 26, 2010Sky2042
How do I create an infobar addon?01:20, October 24, 2010Kerasonb
Technical: Alternative funding for wowwiki19:50, October 19, 2010Brandon Andrews
Another Weird Site Problem00:05, October 13, 2010Gilmoreja
User avatar doesn't update if changed...20:47, October 1, 2010Coobra
Someone messing with defaults?21:17, September 28, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Mirror request denied in Patch Mirrors Discussions14:59, September 27, 2010DsurioN
Images not updating21:31, September 21, 2010Coobra
Creating Disambiguation page and moving an existing page18:29, September 19, 2010Trilless
Template bugs15:11, September 17, 2010Sannse
Unable to add link on Tradeskill leveling table03:16, September 17, 2010Coobra
Removal of Video pseudo-namespace23:39, September 15, 2010Sky2042
Change link associated with sponsor advert22:56, September 13, 2010Kaydeethree
Unable to access watchlist details20:06, September 9, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Unable to update Server Guilds Info on Kil'Jaeden Europe19:57, September 3, 2010Maaht
Skins not functioning properly23:32, August 31, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
SMW and references04:45, August 25, 2010Coobra
Missing tooltip mystery06:28, August 19, 2010W.woods
Drak'Tharon loading screen image fouled up21:08, August 16, 2010Coobra
Rogue abilities page bugged ?12:31, August 6, 2010Pcj
"Old" skin doesn't work in FireFox?23:41, August 2, 2010Pcj
Employees template15:33, July 31, 2010Pcj
Template:TextSan19:55, July 30, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
CategorySelect21:44, July 5, 2010WoWWiki-Skyfire
Content filter tripped on patch mirror addition03:17, July 3, 2010Pcj
Article name change17:53, June 29, 2010Coobra
Spurious "you aren't logged in"18:44, June 25, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Elink to warcraftpets09:38, June 19, 2010ScratchMonkey
Tooltips overhaul01:45, June 17, 2010Pcj
Deadmines page blocked!19:01, June 16, 2010Pcj
Fixing signature issues?19:35, June 15, 2010Andreioplst
Guild site11:17, June 13, 2010Pcj
Suggestion: Share Buttons?20:26, June 12, 2010Pcj
Wowprogress.com20:25, June 5, 2010NailK
False positive on spam filter19:18, May 28, 2010Sky2042
Watchlists versus Followed pages00:10, May 21, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Notice: Wikia IP blocking error23:27, May 20, 2010Pcj
Requiring Javascript to log in is B.A.D.17:21, May 19, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Darksorrow realm page blocking existing line23:37, May 10, 2010Pcj
Inheritance of tooltips?01:26, May 3, 2010W.woods
Link blocked: www.wowprogress.com02:59, April 27, 2010Pcj
Temporarily block a website?02:01, April 27, 2010Pcj
Tree control for complex crafting22:49, April 13, 2010ScratchMonkey
Search FAIL18:55, April 9, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Pictures18:09, April 1, 2010BobNamataki
The tooltip create parameter and disambiguation03:57, March 22, 2010W.woods
Elinks templates not working for tables20:01, March 19, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Button colours17:48, March 17, 2010Kirkburn
Spam filter incorrectly blocking guild website name23:16, March 16, 2010Pcj
How to insert images to ability descriptions23:06, March 15, 2010Sheffi
False Spamfilter alert22:58, March 5, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Adding guild website triggered spam filter13:20, February 27, 2010Pcj
"fast category add" page error?20:23, February 17, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Cannot move category pages19:14, February 10, 2010Sky2042
Too eager to Cache...19:27, February 9, 2010Eirik Ratcatcher
Damned strangest thing...02:23, February 5, 2010Pcj
Proposed new boilerplate19:47, January 27, 2010Sky2042
Spam protection filter13:26, January 25, 2010Pcj
Armory character template04:38, January 15, 2010Pcj
Elinks-NPC updates06:39, January 1, 2010Kaydeethree
Reporting a problem (recursive)16:47, December 23, 2009Pcj
Common quality item tooltip color19:36, December 21, 2009Kaydeethree
New tooltip extension in php proposal22:29, December 20, 2009Kaydeethree
Run Time Error21:24, December 17, 2009Nathil
Cataclysm mobs and NPCs21:18, November 29, 2009Sandwichman2448
Wikipedia Redirects02:48, November 29, 2009Pcj
Lowercasing WoW icons22:42, November 28, 2009Kaydeethree
Recipes with charges18:42, November 28, 2009Hans Kamp
Search Facility22:09, November 27, 2009Coobra
Vendor Item tables - formatting16:04, November 24, 2009DLanyon
Tooltip issues with IE615:42, November 19, 2009Dang Fool
Transcludable pages18:09, November 18, 2009Eirik Ratcatcher
Make text float left or right: how?17:04, November 11, 2009A'noob
Give templates different use choices: how?20:46, November 3, 2009Lon-ami
Editing buttons gone22:13, October 28, 2009ShandrisForever
Redirected to a Virus Site22:16, October 24, 2009Kirkburn
Spam protection filter error14:54, October 17, 2009Fandyllic
Date problem with blizzEUforumlink22:56, October 12, 2009Fandyllic
Make a darktable float right: how?19:48, October 11, 2009Lon-ami
Image links21:20, September 24, 2009Kaydeethree
IE8 is out11:30, September 17, 2009Kirkburn
Wikianswers widget broken?22:30, September 4, 2009Fandyllic
MediaWiki 1.15.1 live16:57, August 31, 2009Kirkburn
Interface/API not being found by searches01:43, August 21, 2009Pcj
Many WoWWiki pages unloadable16:17, August 1, 2009Pcj
New Coords feature, speak now or forever hold your peace22:04, July 28, 2009Pcj
WoWWiki AddOn Updater08:51, July 22, 2009Zealvurte
Lean Monaco launch (13th July)12:04, July 15, 2009Kirkburn
Text coloring10:54, July 7, 2009Rhapsodia
How do i create a page for another language?12:36, June 28, 2009Pcj
Problem connecting to neverendless-wow14:28, June 25, 2009Kirkburn
Searching and the "recently edited" list13:31, June 25, 2009Kirkburn
Resets?13:29, June 25, 2009Kirkburn
Skin issue13:52, June 15, 2009Howbizr
Page restoration request21:21, June 14, 2009Coobra
Malware08:37, June 5, 2009Kirkburn
External links for spells and talents19:33, June 2, 2009Pcj
Turn off new users in RecentChanges?19:31, June 2, 2009Pcj
Images updating14:27, May 19, 2009Kirkburn
Mass updating links on page move.17:32, May 12, 2009Binkyuk
Shared Help14:26, May 7, 2009Kirkburn
Wikia subdomain redirects to WoWWiki13:15, May 7, 2009Kirkburn
WoWWiki upgrades general info12:46, May 7, 2009Kirkburn
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