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Welcome to the WoWWiki forums!

The intention of the forums is to help the community get in contact to discuss WoWWiki issues.

While we do have some non-wiki related discussions, they are restricted to the Warcraft universe - such as Warcraft lore, books and games.

These forums are not intended as a replacement for the official World of Warcraft forums.

See Forum:This is a forum post and WoWWiki talk:Village pump#Forum support for information on the development of these forums.

Available forums

Forum:WoWWiki general
General news, thoughts and discussions on WoWWiki.
Forum:WoWWiki policy
Discussions about policies and guidelines on WoWWiki.
Forum:WoWWiki technical
Covers templates, complex article formatting, extensions and server issues.
Forum:Warcraft lore
Discussions about general lore in the Warcraft universe.
Forum:World of Warcraft
Discussions about everything relating directly to World of Warcraft.
Forum:Other Warcraft games
Discussions about the Warcraft games other than World of Warcraft, such as the RTS games, Trading Card Game and board games.

Notes and guidelines

Guidelines for usage

  • Stay on topic please! Topics not related directly to WoWWiki (including other sites) or Warcraft are subject to deletion.
  • Please do not post about deleted threads.
  • Discussions regarding a specific article should be directed to its discussion page.
  • Please sign and date your posts by typing four tildes (~~~~) after your comment.
  • Sections can be created in threads, if it helps navigation.

Getting help


  • Threads can be moved to better titles and/or forums if required.
  • Threads will be deleted if they are not on topic.
  • WoWWiki's policies and guidelines also apply to the forums, especially in regards to wikiquette and Do Not Post.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any thoughts on the above, please use Forum:WoWWiki general to leave feedback.

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