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Forums: Index World of Warcraft Update messed up low lvl PvP

Yesterday I was on my lvl 24 rogue and I played some bgs. I had 20+ kills twice. Yes, 24 rogue twinks were op with full boa

Today I played about 2-3 games of warsong gulch bgs on the same rogue. My K-D ratio was about 1-12

I dont believe that this is just a bad day.

But there was something that made me really upset: EVERYONE COULD UNSTEALTH ME

Im not even exaggerating.

I understand when someone unstealths me when I am right next to them.

But today, all classes, especially hunters, have been unstealthing me from at least 15 yards away. I probably had about 1 or 2 successful opens. 1 of them I got the kill.

The second open was on a resto druid. I got him to around 300 health. Then instantly, he has full health. He was alone too. (nobody healed him)

I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say. I understand rogues were a little op at low lvls. But now its tough to get a single kill especially since everyone is lvl 24.

That's all for now. All I used to do is pvp, but after this update, idk what to do.

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