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As the fight draws ever closer to Icecrown Citadel, a lot of speculation has been going on as to how exactly the last fight will play out, raising questions such as,

Who will assist the fight?

Will Frostmourne drop?

What role, if any, will the Ashbringer play?

Will Arthas be killable?

Will Saurfang the Younger or Bolvar Fordragon play a role?

To kick this puppy off, here's my (highly unlikely) idea: I believe that the final fight against the Lich King will involve NPCs, almost definitely Tirion Fordring, as he seems to be something of a "Chosen One" in the saga. I also hope to see a representative of the Horde (if its a Horde raid group) or the Alliance (if its an Alliance raid group). The Horde representative i feel should be Sylvanas Windrunner, seeing as she has perhaps suffered most at the hands of Arthas and has sworn personal revenge upon him. As for the Alliance representative, I can see either the ghost of Uther the Lightbringer or (less likely) Muradin Bronzebeard.
I do not believe Frostmourne will drop, as it probably acts as the Lich King's "One Ring" and must be destroyed in order to free the souls trapped in it (including Arthas' own). Also, to see level 80 players strolling around Orgrimmar with multiple copies of the same legendary sword is somewhat of a spoiler lorewise.
I feel the Ashbringer is the anti-Frostmourne and will therefore cancel out the runeblade's power, but not destroying it completely. This completes the feeling of dualism surrounding the two blades (Ashbringer being associated with the element of fire, Frostmourne associated with ice).
I believe Arthas will be thoroughly killable through some way or another, as there is really no alternative. Icecrown Citadel is his last bastion of power in the world, if he is defeated there, where is he going to go? It's not like he's Kil'jaeden and is simply an avatar of a greater being, he is the real deal and to defeat him on his own turf is to defeat him for good. Plus i really hate Arthas and want to see him die.
I think Saurfang and Fordragon will be a boss encounter akin to the Eredar Twins in Sunwell Plateau, fighting both of the corrupted souls at once, and finally freeing them by destroying them, much in the way as players freed the shade of Akama in Black Temple.
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