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The below article about Hallow's End is a clue to an unknown/puzzle geocache I really need to solve. Can anyone who is a WoW expert help me? I have tried to read up on WoW (even though I never heard of it before) but am at a dead end. Somehow by reading the below article on Hallow's End eight (8) numbers can be produced. Each of those numbers (A-H) must be manipulated by adding or subtracting as directed at the end of the clue. The result will be 8 single digits (0-9) which can be plugged into the latitude and longitude to give the location of the cache.

North 26 0A.BCD

West 080 0E.FGH

I can check the answer with "Geochecker" to confirm it is accurate. If anyone is interested in helping me I would be greatly appreciative. I notice that the story talks about a total of exactly eight prizes (flimsy undead mask, hallowed wand, Bellara's Nutterbar, Tigule & Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream, epic armor, seasonal broomstick mounts, a special pet such as a Sinister Squashling, and the Headless Horseman's fiery mount). Can some type of point or monetary value be assigned to each of these? Is there something else about the story that could yield exactly eight numbers that when manipulated as directed result in eight single digits between 0 and 9? Zones, regions, kills, DKP's, days, durations, calendar days, or anything else? Is there anything about the story that would yield numbers relative to each of the first 8 letters of the alphabet A through H? Do those letters have a significance in the game? Do towns and other proper names in the story that begin with the letters A through H produce numbers in any way?

If you have any ideas or are willing to help me I am grateful. Thank you for your time.


Here is the story (which most of you are probably already familiar with):

Hallow's End

Every year during Hallow's End in Azeroth, Horde and Alliance alike celebrate the time when the Forsaken broke away from the Scourge. The celebrations have begun at The Lion’s Pride Inn in the town of Goldshire, located in Elwyn Forest within the Eastern Kingdoms.

Inside The Lion’s Pride Inn, a Death Knight, taking advantage of the once an hour trick or treating with inn keepers, shouts: “Trick or treat innkeeper. My friend and I would like a Treat Bag.” He points to the Rogue who was standing next to him, realizing his friend has gone stealth again. “I wouldn’t trick us if you know what’s good for you. I used to be a contract killer for the Lich King...” The innkeeper snarls and a Treat Bag materializes in their backpacks. The bags contain a flimsy Undead mask and a hallowed wand. He is pleased- all treats, no tricks! He’s so happy he might help that orphan lady save those town children afterall.

Hallow’s End would not be complete without candy buckets which are available at all the Inns. In Ironforge, the capital city of the dwarves, a Shaman and a Priest each dip their hands into the candy bucket at the Weary Boots Tavern. One pulls out a Bellara’s Nutterbar, and the other a Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream. Yum! Yum! Not only do these treats taste good, they also confer special effects. Consumption of the treats can cause Horde or Alliance to grow in size by 30% and turn orange; turn ghostly; turn into a skeleton with water breathing capabilities or turn into a pirate with faster swim speed. Eat all you want, you won’t get a stomach ache. And if you do there’s always the Out With It achievement for throwing up!

As with all past Hallow’s End celebrations, the Headless Horsemen flies over Goldshire, Azure Watch, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, and Silvermoon City terrorizing the populace and setting their homes and buildings ablaze. In Goldshire, a Warrior and a Mage, prepare for a daily quest that will lead them into the Scarlet Monastery. They are practicing their thunderclap and morphing. Once inside the Scarlet Monastery, they will search for the shrine of the dreaded Horseman. The shrine is located in the Scarlet Monastery graveyard. At the shrine, they will summon the Horseman in hopes of defeating him. Defeat will end his terrifying travails and potentially earn them some useful rewards including epic armor, seasonal broomstick mounts, a special pet such as a Sinister Squashling, and possibly the Headless Horseman's fiery mount.

For those wishing to celebrate with an adventure, outside the Undercity each evening, the Wickerman Festival takes place. Darkcaller Yanka encourages members of the Horde to throw stink bombs at the Alliance town of Southshore. In Southshore, Sergeant Hartman encourages members of the Alliance to do their best to stop the Horde lest they be stuck cleaning up the stink. To combat the Horde, Sergeant Hartman has asked for volunteers to crash the Wickerman Festival. Two residents of Ironforge, a Hunter and a Paladin, are sharpening their blades and arrows, tightening their girths, and preparing for battle!

Complete the puzzle for the location of the cache/treat bag. You may to have to go to W.O.W classes to solve this one! Are you up for the quest? Trick or treat!

Use the numbers yielded by the puzzle as follows:

A: Subtract 3

B: Subtract 5

C: Subtract 4

D: Add 5

E: Add 2

F: Subtract 6

G: Add 2

H: Subtract 3

Use the resulting numbers:

N26 0A.BCD

W080 0E.FGH

--pjr 04:55, 10 July 2009 (UTC)

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