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is it just me or are blizzard forgetting about alot of the stuff they said in wc3?


illidan was never a bad guy, he just made some bad decisions, sure he consumed the power of the skull of gul'dan, but he did it to use the power against the demons and to make sure the demons could never use it again. illidan was not the leader of the burning clegion, that title belongs to sargeras. So why are him and his second in commands the main protagonists in an expansion based around the burning legion?

2. arthas.

firstly, why has he become so weak? as a lvl 10 dk he 2 shot illidan...
in the quest where tirion destroys arthas's heart he says that there is nothing left of arthas, yet in HOR, uther says that what little is left of arthas is all that prevents him from unleashing the scourge on azeroth... so which is it, is arthas completely gone or is he still in there somewhere?

3. frostmourne

frostmourne was created by the burning legion, using metals that they have found across the numerous dimensions they have conqoured and imbued with both the power of the burning legion and the scourge, this blade was crafted by the 2 greatest forces azeroth has ever seen. the ashbringer should pale in comparison, so how could it possibly break frostmourne.

4. the light

granted this isnt something mentioned in WC3 but i still think its a pretty big contradiction, the light has no power next to the frozen throne, this is said by both tirion and arthas at the battle for lights hope and in the quest where arthas's heart is destroyed. ground doesnt get much more unholy then the location of the source of the death gods power...

5. arthas's death

once again this is something that isnt mentioned in wc3 but has irritated me greatly.

arthas, muderer of thousands of people, death god, and easily the greatest villan ever thought up... dieing in daddies arms? come on metzen, you can think up something better than that surely??? and another thing, when frostmourne is destroyed he is strangled by the spirits inside frostmourne, surely as an undead he doesnt need to breath and therefore asphyxiation is irrelevant?

i could probably think up more stuff to moan about but its late and i need to sleep, if ive gotten anything wrong here then point it out. --Nazgren (talk) 00:09, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

"illidan was never a bad guy"
He just teamed up with Sargeras during the War of the Ancients because he had to pick a side and the demons killing everything weren't so bad.
Just because an NPC says something doesn't make it true.
Ashbringer was strengthened and re-forged. Frostmourne was the same old sword. Why is it so surprising that Frostmourne could be destroyed when the Lich King, who should be even more powerful, could be destroyed.
the light
...but you're okay with blood elf paladins?
arthas's death
"strangled by the spirits inside frostmourne" you can accept, but you assume it means physical strangling?
So, in short, you need to get rid of more assumptions when you try to construct your arguments. I don't totally disagree with your points, I just think you could have worked harder to justify your positions.
...and the shift key is your friend. You managed to press it for "HOR", so I know you can do it. --Gengar orange 22x22Beware the sneaky smile! Fandyllic (talk · contr) 4 Nov 2011 8:59 PM Pacific
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