This article lists the locations of forges and anvils throughout Azeroth and Outland.

Forges and anvils are needed for most blacksmithing and engineering products. Most forges and anvils are found inside major towns and cities, but these can also sometimes be far out of your way, or right in your area. Outside of towns and cities, there are scattered forges and anvils in small flight point settlements and mob encampments. It can be unpredictable as to where one might find a forge – why Refuge Pointe and not Chillwind Camp? This list was started as a list of fixed devices, which started a list of forges and anvils found in unexpected places.

For a list other devicetype see:

Kalimdor Edit

Ashenvale Edit

Azshara Edit

No known forges, anvils or stables

Azuremyst Isle Edit

The Barrens Edit

Bloodmyst Isle Edit

Darkshore Edit

Darnassus Edit

  • Alliance 15 Forge- next to Cylania, Night Elf Armorer
[56, 53]
[39, 10]

Desolace Edit

Durotar Edit

Dustwallow Marsh Edit

The Exodar Edit


Feralas Edit

Mulgore Edit

Orgrimmar Edit

Silithus Edit

Stonetalon Mountains Edit

Tanaris Edit

Teldrassil Edit

No known forges or anvils

Thousand Needles Edit

No known forges or anvils

Thunder Bluff Edit

Un'Goro Crater Edit

Winterspring Edit

Eastern Kingdoms Edit

Alterac Mountains Edit

No known forges or anvils

Arathi Highlands Edit

Badlands Edit

Blasted Lands Edit

Burning Steppes Edit

Dun Morogh Edit

Duskwood Edit

Eastern Plaguelands Edit

Elwynn Forest Edit

Eversong Woods Edit

Ghostlands Edit

Hillsbrad Edit

Hinterlands Edit

Ironforge Edit

Isle of Quel'Danas Edit

Loch Modan Edit

  • Alliance 15 Anvil - Thelsamar [34, 46]
    across from the inn; near the metalsmith, Morhan Coppertongue
  • Alliance 15 Forge - Thelsamar, across from the inn; near the metalsmith, Morhan Coppertongue

Redridge Mountains Edit

Searing Gorge Edit

Silvermoon City Edit

Silverpine Forest Edit

Stormwind City Edit

Stranglethorn Vale Edit

Swamp of Sorrows Edit

  • Horde 15 Forge, Anvil - [[Stonard}}

Tirisfal Glades Edit

Undercity Edit

Western Plaguelands Edit

Westfall Edit

Wetlands Edit

Outland Edit

Blade's EdgeEdit

Hellfire Peninsula Edit

Nagrand Edit

Netherstorm Edit

Shadowmoon Valley Edit

Shattrath City Edit

Terokkar Forest Edit

Zangarmarsh Edit

Northrend Edit

Borean Tundra Edit

Crystalsong Forest Edit

No known forges or anvils

Dalaran Edit

Dragonblight Edit

Grizzly Hills Edit

Howling Fjord Edit

Icecrown Edit

Sholazar Basin Edit

The Storm Peaks Edit

Wintergrasp Edit

No known forges or anvils

Zul'Drak Edit

Pandaria Edit

Vale of Eternal Blossoms Edit

Krasarang Wilds Edit

  • Thunder Cleft

The Jade Forest Edit

Timeless Isle Edit

  • Anvil - The Celestial Court, northern side of court, inside first tent east of Innkeeper [38.6, 46.4]
    . There is an anvil but no forge.

Valley of the Four Winds Edit

  • There is an anvil and forge in Halfhill Location [54.1, 49.4]

Instances, etc. Edit

Arathi Basin (Battleground) Edit

  • Forge, Anvil - Blacksmith

Deadmines (Instance) Edit

  • Forge, Anvil - Goblin Smelting Room
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