Forge Base- Gehenna

Forge Base: Gehenna

Forge Base: Gehenna is one the two Forge Bases in Netherstorm, situated just west of Eco-Dome Sutheron. It is full of wandering Burning Legion wrathguards, shivarra and mo'arg.

Pit lord farming

There is a large lvl 68 elite pit lord named Silroth in the base that is enslaveable by warlocks, cast curse of shadow and the enslave demon will make him your for 5 min, he is stronger then a felguard and can easy solo all the other mobs there, giving you a 41/41 specc, also its fun to run around whit a slave that got a foot 5 times the size of you=)

notice that you will not get the loot if you do not tag the mob before he kill them, so do not send him to solo a demon

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