For the mob, see Forest Spider (mob).

Forest Spiders are found in Elwynn Forest, Loch Modan, and Ashenvale.

Forest spiders are easily as large as a dog, with striking greenish patterns upon its dark exoskeleton. These large spiders are quite common in Ashenvale. There are several types, each 3 feet in diameter with dark amber or greenish coloration. In some places, several swarms weave masses of webs throughout the forest, catching birds and deer. While forest spiders will avoid mobile humans, they will attack any helpless animals as prey. Forest spiders are accompanied a variety of scavengers and carnivorous plants. Corpses are covered in silk to disguise them and keep the area clean. Unlike their tiny brethren, forest spiders are social creatures. They hunt together, dropping down on large prey. Several poisonous bites will usually fell even large animals. Prey are wrapped in silk, another effort often done as a group, keep digested flesh from leaking into the soil before the spiders can feed.[1] (MoM 165)

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