Foreman Sundown is a level 70 quest giver located just inside the Trelleum Mine in the contested territory of Netherstorm.

He starts the quest Neutral 15 [70] Dealing with the Overmaster.


"Day in, day out, all we do is toil in this mine. The blood elf male was not built for such manual labor."

Foreman Sundown says: I was once a great magister in Silvermoon City. Now I'm demoted, former-foreman and little more than a slave!
Foreman Sundown says: They had no right to demote me to these menial tasks!
Foreman Sundown says: I am a blood elf. I do not do physical labor.
Foreman Sundown says: We were duped. This is definitely not the promised land!
Foreman Sundown says: We should just leave. Is this what we came to Outland for?
Foreman Sundown says: Kael'thas lied to us. The Outland is no paradise.
Foreman Sundown says: Come. Let's put down these crude instuments and walk away from all of this. It isn't why we came to Outland.

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