Foreman Dampwick is a goblin first encountered on the island of Kezan just outside the KTC Headquarters[56.8, 76.9]
and up the hill from the Kaja'mine. He serves as a quest giver here and upon the Lost Isles in several locations later on, grumbling about the fact that his miners there are nowhere near as good as the old jungle trolls he used to employ upon Kezan.

Dampwick is simultaneously attempting to retrieve the valuable Kaja'mite found in the mine within the Lost Isles while holding off the monkeys who've been made super intelligent by the legendary ore.

The Foreman is later found at Bilgewater Harbor[58, 51]
in Azshara, where he may have retired, as he offers no quests or services.


Kaja'mite Cavern[31.4, 78.4]
, Lost Isles
Landing Site[44, 64.5]
, Lost Isles
Town-In-A-Box[45.4, 65.4]
, Lost Isles
Lost Peak[51.8, 46.9]
, Lost Isles


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