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Force Reactive Disk is an Engineering-made shield that shocks nearby enemies when the shield blocks. It does about 30-40 points of damage to enemies within 10 yards. Unfortunately the shock can also break crowd control such as polymorph, sap, hibernate, etc. For every block, there's a 50% chance the shield will lose 1 point of durability.


This item is crafted by Engineers with a skill level of 300. It is taught by [Schematic: Force Reactive Disk].

Materials needed:
Inv misc stonetablet 05
6x [Arcanite Bar]
Inv gizmo 07
2x [Delicate Arcanite Converter]
Spell nature earthbind
8x [Essence of Air]
Spell nature abolishmagic
12x [Living Essence]
Spell nature strengthofearthtotem02
8x [Essence of Earth]

The schematic drops from bosses in the Molten Core.


Night Elf wearing the Force Reactive Disk


The RPG Icon 16x36 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG, and thus unlikely to be canon.

A gnome tinker living in Ironforge originally developed this device, which has since been expanded into a full size, round tower shield for military use. The force reactive disk looks to be an ordinary (if circular) tower shield, except for a series of metal studs arranged across its surface. Dwarven craftsmen of exceptional skill often arrange these studs in decorative patterns without affecting the device's function. Twisting a control dial inside of the shield activates a shimmering screen of electricity coursing among the external studs.[1]

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