Flynn Fairwind is a human from Kul Tiras. A former pirate captain, he now serves the interests of Kul Tiras as long as he gets paid.

Flynn serves as the Alliance manager for island expeditions.


Flynn used to be the captain of his own pirate crew, with Harlan Sweete as his first mate. The two had a falling out after a messy job and Flynn lost all taste for freebooting, so just disappeared one day. Meanwhile Harlan took the nastiest of the crew and formed the Irontide Raiders.[1]

Flynn was encountered by an Alliance adventurer as a prisoner in Tol Dagor, the island prison owned by House Ashvane. He had intentionally gotten arrested because Cyrus Crestfall wanted him to break the adventurer out of Tol Dagor.[2] Flynn staged a prison break and met with his companion Taelia who was waiting with an escape boat to take him back to Boralus.[3]


Gossip at Eastpoint Station

Cagney fished this girl out of the water with his ferry - said she was trying to escape the foundry.

Doesn't surprise me one bit that the Ashvane Company is putting kids to work. I was barely older than her when the gangs in Boralus had me picking pockets and distracting guards for them.

In this world, the weaker you are, the more people take advantage of you.



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