Flying Osprey

The wreck of Flying Osprey.

Flying Osprey was a Quel'Thalassian destroyer that had accompanied Kul Tiras' Third Fleet during the Second War. The elven vessel was carrying a load of Lightforge Iron and had joined the Third Fleet for protection.

During a battle between the Alliance and Horde naval forces off the coast of the Wetlands of Khaz Modan, the Third Fleet was destroyed by the Dragonmaw clan and their subservient red dragons. Their wreckage remains off the coast of the Wetlands to this day, to the south of Menethil Harbor. Members of the Alliance, aiding the town of Darkshire in their battle against Morbent Fel, are sent to locate Flying Osprey's wreckage and retrieve the shipment of Lightforge Iron so that it can be used to create a weapon that will destroy the evil necromancer.

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