Flamewaker Priests can be found in Molten Core.

Killing Flamewaker Priests will give +20 reputation with the Hydraxian Waterlords.

Drops Edit

BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Skill Slot Drop%
Inv misc food 15 [Roasted Quail]5553%
Spell fire lavaspawn [Heart of Fire]4547%
Spell fire volcano [Essence of Fire]5540%
Spell fire fire [Elemental Fire]2539%
Inv potion 01 [Morning Glory Dew]5519%
Inv potion 76 [Major Mana Potion]5912%
Inv potion 54 [Major Healing Potion]5511%
Inv misc gem ruby 02 [Star Ruby]507%
Inv bracer 09 [Vambraces of Prophecy]66ClothWrist5%
Inv misc ornatebox [Eternium Lockbox]605%
Inv ore mithril 01 [Dark Iron Ore]505%
Inv belt 23 [Nightslayer Belt]66LeatherWaist4%
Inv bracer 03 [Cenarion Bracers]66LeatherWrist4%
Inv scroll 01 [Scroll of Intellect IV]604%
Inv bracer 07 [Felheart Bracers]66ClothWrist3%
Inv pants 04 [Hyperion Legplates]64PlateLegs3%
Inv misc herb 16 [Gromsblood]503%
Inv scroll 02 [Scroll of Strength IV]653%
Inv belt 27 [Lawbringer Belt]66PlateWaist2%
Inv bracer 19 [Bracers of Might]66PlateWrist2%
Inv belt 09 [Belt of Might]66PlateWaist2%
Inv chest plate16 [Masterwork Breastplate]65MailChest2%
Inv chest plate09 [Imbued Plate Armor]62PlateChest2%
Inv enchant essenceeternallarge [Greater Eternal Essence]552%
Inv scroll 01 [Scroll of Spirit IV]552%
Inv belt 30 [Arcanist Belt]66ClothWaist1%
Inv belt 13 [Felheart Belt]66ClothWaist1%
Inv bracer 02 [Nightslayer Bracelets]66LeatherWrist1%
Inv belt 06 [Cenarion Belt]66LeatherWaist1%
Inv belt 14 [Earthfury Belt]66MailWaist1%
Inv bracer 17 [Giantstalker's Bracers]66MailWrist1%
Inv belt 28 [Giantstalker's Belt]66MailWaist1%
Inv bracer 18 [Lawbringer Bracers]66PlateWrist1%
Inv pants 03 [Hero's Leggings]61MailLegs1%
Inv crown 02 [High Councillor's Circlet]62ClothHead1%
Inv pants 06 [Nightshade Leggings]62LeatherLegs1%
Inv boots 07 [Adventurer's Boots]62LeatherFeet1%
Inv pants 06 [Masterwork Legplates]64MailLegs1%
Inv chest plate16 [Hyperion Armor]65PlateChest1%
Inv boots plate 08 [Hyperion Greaves]62PlateFeet1%
Inv jewelry ring 09 [Vermilion Band]63Finger1%
Inv scroll 06 [Plans: Radiant Leggings]611%
Inv misc herb 07 [Earthroot]51%
Inv misc herb 11 [Stranglekelp]201%
Inv scroll 07 [Scroll of Protection IV]551%

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