Flametongues are a race of dragonspawn. Although these dragonspawn are technically advanced members of the wyrmkin race, the flametongues' abilities and capacities are superior enough that they can be considered a different species. A wyrmkin is elevated to flametongue status by showing consistent skill and leadership. The dragon mentor performs a ritual that emulates a dragon's own transition from drake to mature. The flametongue is then taught spells and new abilities — and is also trained to break out of the shell of the disciplined, unquestioning wyrmkin to become an independent thinker and strategist. Flametongues carry swords and/or spears as well as shields. Weapons and/or armor are magical, offering enhancement and sometimes minor enchantment. They may also have a useful magic item such as a wand, ring or other trinket. They also utilize spells as circumstances warrant.

Flametongues are clever fighters, well-trained and organized. They are officers, often leading squads of other dragonspawn into battle. They know how best to use their unit, and they know the capacity of each individual in their armies. While not phenomenally intelligent, they can improvise and create new strategies as opportunities arise. They are encouraged to branch out and learn new things in order to bring diversity to their command.[1] (MoM 41-42)

They speak Common and Draconic.[2] (M&M 41)

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