Flame Crest

Flame Crest

Flame Crest[65, 22]
is the flight point of the Horde at the Burning Steppes. There are quests for both factions although, the guards there remain hostile to Alliance players.

At Flame Crest you will find a small cave with two goblins, Kibler. The flight master, Vahgruk, and the vendor for food & drink, Gruna, stand there.

There is no mailbox at Flame Crest. It is a Horde Flight Path.

Flight Paths Edit

Neutral 15 Thorium Point, Searing Gorge
Neutral 15 Bogpaddle, Swamp of Sorrows
Neutral 15 Chiselgrip, Burning Steppes
Horde 15 New Kargath, Badlands
Horde 15 Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows
Horde 15 Grom'gol Base Camp, Northern Stranglethorn

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