A fishing pole is the tool required to practice the fishing profession. A fishing pole is in the Two-handed weapon class, and can be wielded as a melee weapon, but is not a weapon type associated with a weapon skill. As a two-handed item, only one can be equipped at a time, and no item can be held in the off-hand.

You can purchase a basic fishing pole with any level character, and advanced poles become available as your fishing skill increases. Better poles grant a bonus to your fishing skill when equipped.

Fishing PolesBonusReq SkillReq LevelHow to Obtain
Starting fishing pole, no bonus to fishing skill:
[Fishing Pole] None (1) (1) Vendor
Fishing poles with a small bonus to fishing skill:
[Blump Family Fishing Pole] +3 1 (14) Quest (Alliance 15 [14] The Family and the Fishing Poleω τ ϖ)
[Strong Fishing Pole] +5 10 5 Vendor (Limited Quantities)
Fishing poles with a significant bonus to fishing skill:
[Big Iron Fishing Pole] +20 100 25 Found in Shellfish Trap
[Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole] +20 200 (62) Quest (Neutral 15 [62] Rather Be Fishin')
[Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000] +25 100 (50) Quest (Horde 15 [50] Snapjaws, Mon!)
[Arcanite Fishing Pole] +35 300 (35) Competition (Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza) Prize

Required level in parentheses:

The basic Fishing Pole has no level requirement and no fishing skill requirement. You can purchase it, wield it, and use it as a melee weapon with no fishing training, but you cannot fish with it until you are a train in Apprentice Fishing. All characters will begin fishing using this item; even if you have access to the The Family and The Fishing Pole quest, the quest requires you to fish (for six Darkshore Groupers) before it awards you the Blump Family Fishing Pole.

Other fishing poles with no explicit level requirements have an implicit level requirement in the quest to obtain them.

The Arcanite Fishing Pole has no explicit level requirement, however competing in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza requires 130 fishing skill in order to fish, 225 fishing skill to fish with none getting away (it is a competition) (this can be done with Journeyman training, 150 fishing skill level, and lures), has level 31-40 mobs, and PvP if you are on a PvP server (turn off your flag for this event if you are not) (these hazards can be handled at a low level with a group of higher level friends as guards). You must be level 35 to train in Artisan level fishing in order to reach fishing skill level 300 and equip the Arcanite Fishing Rod.

Also note that only one Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza prize is given out each week - this is effectively a seven day cool down per attempt to obtain one.

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