Patch 4.0.1Edit

In Patch 4.0.1, Firestones and Spellstones were removed from the game. This page is for historical purposes.

Redesigned FirestonesEdit

As of Patch 3.0.2, Firestones are Warlock-only temporary weapon enchants akin to Wizard oils. A Firestone increases all spell direct damage done by 1% and increases Spell critical strike by 7/14/21/28/35/42/49. They are Bind-On-Pickup, but unlike other Conjured Items, Firestones and Spellstones do not vanish after logged out for any amount of time (Much like a Wizard Oil created by Enchanting).

Original Firestones Edit

The original Firestone was an off-hand slot conjured item which was later moved to the wand slot (technically a relic), created by the warlock Create Firestone spell, allowing warlocks to enhance their main hand weapon to do additional fire damage and gain a fire spell damage bonus buff for as long as the firestone exists. When active, a Firestone,stacked with weapon enchantments, and placed a small fireball that circled the Warlock's weapon.

Both the firestone and spellstone were widely unused for multiple reasons. They did not provide comparable stats to Wands and, like other conjured items, would disappear if logged out for more than 15 minutes. This was changed in Echoes of Doom, Patch 3.0.2, to the current state. The change also included the Firestone's companion, the Spellstone.

Ranks Edit

Types of firestones
TypeItem levelDamage dealt by direct spellsSpell critical strike rating
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Lesser Firestone] 28 +1% +7
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Firestone] 36 +1% +14
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Greater Firestone] 46 +1% +21
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Major Firestone] 56 +1% +28
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Master Firestone] 66 +1% +35
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Fel Firestone] 74 +1% +42
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02 [Grand Firestone] 80 +1% +49

Tactics Edit

As of Patch 3.0.2, Firestones and Spellstones are the preferred temporary weapon enchants for Warlocks. Firestones are preferred for Warlocks that favor direct damage spells (Destruction and Demonology warlocks), while Spellstones are preferred for Affliction Warlocks, who favor damage over time spells.

Patch changesEdit

  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.7.0 (13-Sep-2005): When a Firestone is equipped, it should no longer interrupt tradeskill creation.
  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.3.0 (07-Mar-2005): Equipping Firestones will now increase damage caused by fire spells.

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