Fireplume Peak

Fireplume Peak

[23, 40]

is a giant, floating mountain in the northwest region of the Molten Front. This is where the Fire Hawks roost and lay their eggs, protected by a steep drop into fiery air on all sides.



  • To get to Fireplume Peak, players must have first completed the Into the Fire daily quest.
  • There are two options to get to the Peak. The first is to jump from floating hunk of rock to floating hunk of rock, hopefully making it there before the rocks crumble and drop into fiery air. This rewards players with a buff:
    • Ability mage netherwindpresence.png  [Convalescence of Winds]ω ϖ—Increases your attack speed and haste by 100% and allows you to jump much higher and farther than normal. 2 minutes remaining
  • The second way is to walk off the edge of The Furnace[35, 56]
    near the NPCs. This will trigger a Druid of the Talon to come rescue you, bringing you safely to the Peak.
  • To get to the very top of the Peak, use of the Thermal Drafts in the area is required, unless players have the above-mentioned buff on them.


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