For the elemental class, see Firelord.
The first thing eager raiders learn about the Molten Core is the importance of keeping lava spawns under control. [1] (TCGMC 34)

Firelord can be found in Molten Core.


Attacks and Abilities Edit

  • The Firelord and its spawns cannot be banished.
  • Melee attacks are about 1000-1200 Fire damage.
  • Summon Lava Spawn - Every so often a ripple of flame will go off and a Lava Spawn will appear.
  • Soul Burn - Deals 4000 Fire damage over 30 seconds (275 every second), silences, and reduces melee damage dealt by 50%. It should be dispelled as soon as possible.

Strategy Edit

Tank as normal, when he casts Soul Burn it should be dispelled as soon as possible. When he summons a Lava Spawn all melee DPS should focus on killing it. If it is not killed quickly it will split into two. If the lava spawn is kept close to the Firelord mages can cast Blizzard and help bring down both mobs quickly.

Reward Edit

Reputation: 20 reputation with the Hydraxian Waterlords.

Notes Edit

The respawn time is two hours. Firelords share their respawn spots with the Lava Annihilators.

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