First arriving at the Patrol.

Firebeard's Patrol[59.7, 57.4]
is a town located in the Twilight Highlands. It is directly east of the Crucible of Carnage, southeast of Bloodgulch, and southwest of Gorshak War Camp. Firebeard's Partrol is home to the Wildhammer clan called the Firebeards.

When players first arrive, the town is under attack by raging fire elementals. Many of the buildings are on fire, and the citizens are running around frantically. Keegan Firebeard issues orders, and players are tasked with assisting with flame-dousing. As the quests progress, the town is eventually secured, with several gryphon wings arriving to defend the area.

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Initial phases

Quest givers

Final phase: include all above, except for mobs.

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Oddly enough, this town has no mailbox.

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