In Cataclysm

Fiona is a travelling merchant who you first meet near Thondroril River in the Eastern Plaguelands. She gives you two quests to find her missing traveling companions, Gidwin and Tarenar, both are paladins hoping to join the Argent Crusade. She is from the kingdom of Gilneas and is heading out to Light's Hope Chapel. You can ride with her to different points in the Eastern Plaguelands. Being a vendor, you can also buy things from her. Between the rides, the group of adventurers you pickup along the way has amusing dialogues. Fiona's Caravan can also grant you one of these abilities, all only effective within the Eastern Plaguelands:

In Warlords of Draenor

Fiona has set up her caravan in Shadowmoon Valley with Tarenar Sunstrike and Gidwin Goldbraids. After helping her and her companions, Fiona joins the player's garrison as a follower.

In Battle for Azeroth

Once again, Fiona has set up her caravan in Boralus Harbor where she sells random goods.

Vendor information

Item Price Level Type
[Fine Thread] 1Silver 1 Cloth
[Goldenbark Apple] 10Silver 25 Food & Drink
[Homemade Cherry Pie] 40Silver 45 Food & Drink
[Ice Cold Milk] 1Silver 25Copper 5 Food & Drink
[Minuscule Diamond Ring] 25Gold 1 Ring
[Moonberry Juice] 20Silver 35 Food & Drink
[Strong Flux] 20Silver 1 Trade Goods
[Sweet Nectar] 10Silver 25 Food & Drink
[Tanned Leather Bracers] 7Silver 28Copper 12 Armor



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