Fingin is a level 30 poison vendor located in Traders' Tier in the draenei capital of the Exodar.

The presence of a Draenei poison vendor is strange because Dreaenei are the only Alliance race that cannot be rogues.

See List of the Exodar NPCs.

Items Level Type Slot Price
Inv alchemy leadedvial [Crystal Vial] 35 Trade Good 25Silver
Inv misc flower 03 [Deathweed] 30 Reagent 1Silver
Inv misc dust 02 [Dust of Decay] 20 Reagent 20Copper
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01 [Dust of Deterioration] 30 Reagent 1Silver
Inv drink 06 [Empty Vial] 1 Trade Good 20Copper
Inv potion 19 [Essence of Agony] 50 Reagent 2Silver
Inv potion 12 [Essence of Pain] 22 Reagent 50Copper
Inv misc powder purple [Flash Powder] 20 Reagent 25Copper
Inv alchemy leadedvial [Leaded Vial] 25 Trade Good 2Silver
Inv misc dust 02 [Lethargy Root] 28 Reagent 40Copper
Inv misc herb 03 [Maiden's Anguish] 60 Reagent 10Silver
Inv misc gear 03 [Thieves' Tools] 15 Reagent 15Silver

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