Inv jewelcrafting rubyserpent


This item must be created by a Jewelcrafter. The design, Design: Figurine - Crimson Serpent, is a reputation reward; you must be revered with Shattered Sun Offensive to purchase it from Eldara Dawnrunner at Shattered Sun Staging Area, Isle of Quel'Danas.

Materials required
Inv ingot 11
8x [Eternium Bar]
Inv elemental primal fire
8x [Primal Fire]
Inv jewelcrafting crimsonspinel 01
2x [Crimson Spinel]


Sometimes used by Tanking Paladins, and PvP Mages and Warlocks because of its high Stamina and Intelligence, and burst spell damage. It is also useful for mage tanking Krosh Firehand.

Patches and hotfixes

Bc icon Patch 2.4.0 (25-Mar-2008): Added

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