Inv misc book 15
  • Field Journal
  • Item Level 1
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Quest Item
  • "His handwriting is atrocious! What can you expect from an orc?"
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Provided for

This item is provided for the following quests on the Lost Isles:


Field Journal

Day One:

Got on a ship called Draka's Fury. We're taking the special cargo to a far away place across the ocean. I have the duty to clean stuff on the ship and scout when we land.

Better work than searching for Alliance rogues and druids in Orgrimmar.

The food is not as good, but the grog tastes the same. Durotar has already slipped out of sight.

Day Two:

The food and rocking of the ship do not agree with me!

There is much to clean as there are many of my brothers who are sick. This does not seem like a good idea to me, but if he needs us to go, we will gladly follow him to the bottom of the sea.

Let us hope that it does not come to that.

Day Three:

The sea lashes the ship very heavily. The captain had us take down the sails. We are like a child's toy in the middle of gigantic waves.

I may not like the ocean, but I kept my food down today like a true warrior.

Day Four:

There are two small islands on the horizon. The captain says we will sail past them. He does not want to stop. There is an edge to his voice that I do not like. It sounds like fear.

There was much to do... what? There are sounds of explosions outside. I am going above deck to see what it is.

Day ??:

I washed up on the rocky shore of an island. It must be one of the two that I saw before. Most of my brothers are dead. There is no sign of our special cargo. I fear the worst and cannot believe my thoughts.

I do not know how many days have passed. One, possibly two? Surely not more. The Alliance cowards came at us, hiding from behind the larger of the two islands. There were too many of them, though we might have sunk one.

I saw another ship sail right through the battle and get torn apart. Goblins, I think. Fools!

Day ?? and one:

We have a makeshift camp atop the island. Aggra has asked me to look for other survivors on the western shore. Kilag is to take a small group across the top looking for Alliance. Already a few have attacked us. They will not stop coming until they are all dead. Or we are.

There are sounds of goblins off in the distance, and I can see the wreckage of their ship. They are noisy. I will watch them later. First, I have found a cavern and strange sounds like animals who are mining coming from within it.

I will investigate.

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