Fiasco Sizzlegrin is a goblin quest giver for the Horde encountered at multiple locations within the Shimmering Expanse, including Biel'aran Ridge[50.2, 79]
, near Legion's Rest[54, 67]
, and takes part in the quest Swift Action in the Ruins of Vashj'ir[39.6, 53.9]
. Later on players can accept quests from him within Tenebrous Cavern[51.4, 60.8]
in the Abyssal Depths.


Legion's Rest
Biel'aran Ridge
Ruins of Vashj'ir
Tenebrous Cavern


  • Fiasco within Legion's Rest
  • Fiasco at his quest turn-in location[53.9, 66.9]
    near Legion's Rest
  • Fiasco at the Horde-controlled Ruins of Vashj'ir
  • Fiasco at Biel'aran Ridge

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