The Feral Defender is an add that spawns during the Auriaya encounter in the Ulduar raid instance. The Feral Defender has the following statistics and abilities:

  • 200,000 HP (10 man)/600,000 HP (25 man)
  • Spawns about 1 minute into the fight and emerges from Seeping Feral Essence about thirty seconds after the death of a previous Feral Defender.
  • The Feral Defender is tauntable, but not tankable. It will randomly aggro and jump from one target to the next.
  • Inv jewelcrafting blackpearlpanther Feral Essence - Each essence increases the damage dealt by the Feral Defender by 50%. The Feral Defender can revive himself at the cost of one of his Feral Essences. This starts out stacked to 9.
  • Ability druid primaltenacity Feral Pounce - The Feral Defender pounces the target stunning them for 4 secconds and inflicting 417 to 483 Shadow damage (602 to 698 in 25 man) every second.
  • Ability druid mangle Feral Rush - Charges an enemy, dealing 927 to 973 Physical damage (1609 to 1691 in 25 man) and causing them to bleed for 0 additional damage over 6 seconds. Also interrupts casting.
  • When the Feral Defender dies it leaves behind Seeping Feral Essence.
    • Ability rogue envelopingshadows Seeping Feral Essence - The Seeping Essence of the Feral Defender Inflicts 6500 Shadow damage (9000 in 25 man) every second. This is basically a void zone.

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