Feline Swiftness
Spell druid tirelesspursuit
  • Feline Swiftness (Passive)
  • Passive
  • Increases your movement speed by 15%.
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  • Passive
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    Level required10

    Feline Swiftness is a passive druid talent available at level 10.

    Notes Edit

    Note: the following is a direct quote of research posted on wowhead.
    • Everything stacks normally EXCEPT these exceptions:
      • [Cat Form] speed increase is ignored while under the effects of [Dash].
      • Enchant Boots - Minor Speed speed increase is ignored while under the effects of [Stampeding Roar].
      • [Prowl] is always applied last. [Ex: Minor Speed + Feline Swiftness + Cat Form + Prowl, 108 + 0.15(108) = 124 + 0.25(124) = 155 - 0.30(155) = 109]
    • NOTE: Does not affect [Aquatic Form] or [Flight Form] (flying), but does effect Flight Form at ground speed. Guild speed buff affects Flight Form while flying, but not on the ground.[1]

    Patch changes Edit

    • Legion-Logo-Small Patch 7.0.3 (19-Jul-2016): Feline Swiftness: Increases movement speed by 15%.
    • Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.0.4 (28-August-2012): Added.

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