Felheart Raiment is the Tier 1 set for Warlocks.


All Tier 1 set items drop in Molten Core.

[Felheart Belt]Trash MobsBoE
[Felheart Bracers]Trash MobsBoE
[Felheart Gloves]LucifronBoP
[Felheart Horns]Garr, Golemagg the IncineratorBoP
[Felheart Pants]MagmadarBoP
[Felheart Robes]Golemagg the IncineratorBoP
[Felheart Shoulder Pads]Baron Geddon, GarrBoP
[Felheart Slippers]Shazzrah, Gehennas, Sulfuron HarbingerBoP


Felheart set gnome


Felheart Raiment - Warlock T1 Tier 1 - World of Warcraft Classic Vanilla

Felheart Raiment - Warlock T1 Tier 1 - World of Warcraft Classic Vanilla


Felheart Raiment
Inv belt 13
Inv bracer 07
Inv gauntlets 19
Inv helmet 08
Inv pants cloth 14
Inv chest cloth 09
Inv shoulder 23
Inv boots cloth 05


For the most part, the set is weak on +spell damage and some Warlocks prefer other non set drops in Molten Core; however, it's 5/8 set piece bonus makes it a powerful set choice for Soul Link warlocks.

The 8-set bonus that reduces mana cost of shadow spells is especially good for boss fights where a lot of mana is used. However, this bonus has a double effect: Life Tap will reduce 15% less health, while still giving the same amount of mana. The final result is that life converted to spells will provide 30% more spells in total because of this bonus. This will make the bonus much better than the Tier 3 Plagueheart Raiment 8-set bonus, that merely reduces health cost of Life Tap by 12%.

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Patch changes

  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.6.0 (12-Jul-2005): Now has updated art.
  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Statistics, effects, and set bonuses updated.

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