Felblood Initiates were once the most loyal servants of Kael'thas, according to Magistrix Seyla. When Kael's forces retreated through the portal at the Throne of Kil'jaeden, these elves stayed behind, consuming demon blood for several days, transforming them into Felblood Elves. They now remain here, draining the energy of Suspended Terrorguards. Magistrix Seyla of the Shattered Sun Offensive charges adventurers with the task of slaying them.


  • Felblood Initiate yells: "Your life force is my nourishment, demon... Kil'jaeden's gift to us!"
  • Felblood Initiate yells: "Fel energy... courses through my veins!"
  • Felblood Initiate yells: "I will soon be stronger than any elf! I will serve at Kil'jaeden's side!"
  • Felblood Initiate yells: "More... more... MORE!!!"
  • Felblood Initiate yells: "Unparalled power... I... crave... more!"


Objective: Use the [Fel Siphon] to drain 4 Felblood Initiates of their power (removing their elite status), and then kill them. [Demonic Blood] is needed to power the Fel Siphon.

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