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The Fel Hammer

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is a large structure located in the northwest of Mardum, the starting zone for demon hunters. Brood Queen Tyranna once commanded the Burning Legion forces from here while safeguarding the Sargerite Keystone, but was ultimately defeated by the Illidari. They now use it as their order hall to further their battle with the Burning Legion forces invading the Broken Isles.


Getting there

After demon hunters complete their entire starting zone experience, they then pursue their artifact weapon. It is at the end of this short quest line that they are granted access to the Order Hall version of the Fel Hammer. After that, they can teleport there at will.

Adjacent regions

The only region adjacent to the Fel Hammer is Mardum itself. Demon hunters can use their glide ability to leap from the fortress to land below; however, the zone is devoid of any life - demonic or otherwise - and even the Small Treasure Chests have disappeared along with the fel pools.

Areas of interest

Top level

This is where most quests can be found, as well as the class trainer and command map. The portal to Dalaran is on one of the balconies overlooking Mardum.

Lower level

This is where many demons have been imprisoned by the Illidari. The small side alcoves house the forge, anvil, and Crucible of the Nathrezim, used to empower the demon hunter artifact weapon.


Class trainers


Upper floor
Lower floor


  • As in the original Fel Hammer, players can still reach the lowest floor beneath the accessible area. It is completely empty, however.

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