Fei Fei <Tracy's Faithful Hound> is a level 1 pet of Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell in Honor Hold. She (or he) used to look like a darkly colored wolf, but as of patch 4.0.1, its model was changed to that of the Perky Pug.

Fei Fei

What Fei Fei looked like prior to 4.0.1

Quest Notes Edit

Fei Fei is involved in the quest Alliance 15 [61] Digging for Prayer Beads.

Essential to the quest where you have to find the prayer beads for some poltergeist action at the Honor Hold inn. Fei Fei is rumored to have stolen the beads and buried them somewhere in the Honor Hold courtyard.

To get Fei Fei to reveal the location of the beads, you must trade a [Silken Thread] to Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell. She will give you a [Fei Fei Doggy Treat]. [Silken Thread] can be found within Honor Hold. You are no longer required to trade a [Maiden's Anguish]. After you have given the treat to Fei Fei, he will dig around Honor Hold a bit to find a suitable place to bury it. After several digs, Fei Fei will come upon a small box labeled Fei Fei's Cache that you may interact with to receive the Beads.

It is no longer required to follow Fei Fei around to loot the [Draenei Prayer Beads], you only need to go behind the inn and open Fei Fei's cache.

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